Juan José Amor

Unix System Administration, Open Source, Helpdesks and more.

About me

My name is Juan José Amor (Juanjo Amor) and I'm living in Madrid. In 1997 I graduated Computer Science in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and in 2006 I got a Master in Advanced Computer Technologies. I have more than 20 years of experience in Unix and Linux systems administration (Solaris, Red Hat, Debian...), Open Source consultancy and IT team management.



Currently, I'm working as Senior System Administrator for a Private Insurance Company. I did the design and setup of systems monitoring on IT services, also designed IT support based on ITIL methodologies. I usually work with FLOSS systems, with Linux/Unix technologies, Network/Security, Storage, Virtualization, Containers, DC/OS, Kubernetes, Cloud/IAAS/PAAS.



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My PGP fingerprint: 344C 3571 EF99 3637 7EE9 DCE6 D592 0E93 7CC1 E39B. Please download here my PGP key. I'm also a CaCert assurer.